Newest Release on September 15, 2021

Bradley Dallas North Publications is proud to announce David's newest release ERACISM, Through God's Holy Love. It is scheduled for release on September 15, 2021. This book is about Love and being blessed. It is about God's Love, God's Holy Love for all of us and how we are supposed to love each other in the same way. It is not about all the ugliness going on in our country or throughout the world. In fact, these are stories of real-life situations that helped and saved the lives of others. Everything David did is because of Faith, and never the color of one's skin.

Over 30 years ago, and after losing his company, family, and everything else he had, except his dignity, David asked the LORD why was holding on to the Company's name. It was called GUARDIAN Services Inc.

David started Guardian to help elderly and medically at-risk persons a chance to continue living an independent lifestyle, knowing that with the push of a button in their hand they could get Emergency Medical Rapid Response in an emergency. He will share this later in book for you.

When David asked the LORD why? These words came to him, GOD UNITES ALL RACES DENOMINATIONS IN ALL NATIONS. He had no idea what that meant or even why they were shared with him. He wrote them down as not to forget.

Now David is going to share these stories and the truth about feeling lost, but never alone for almost 30 years. He will also briefly describe the reason for why he lost it all.

What these stories are about, David never thought he would write. He was not looking for anything other than to help the ones in need of his help at the times they happened. All these stories David will share have allowed him the opportunity to become a better man and person. David's prayer is we all try to live more with the Love of God in our lives' and we together will end the hatred and the hostility's we ourselves have created.

We have all experienced where man has turned good into evil, and we have had to listen, learn, and understand again, that United We Stand and divided we and all around us will fall. Let US be a light of hope so that we may have a more balanced life as brothers and sisters. No matter what our differences are, we need to embrace the differences we all represent, love and share so God's Will may be done.

I am David, this is my story of my life and the reasons I feel racism is hatred and a sin. I have argued this since I was a child, now I will share why. We all have the ability to love one another.


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