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How many times have I tried things on my own,

when I did it my way, I felt so all alone.

Thinking I had the answers on how I should grow,

now, when I look back, what did I really know?

When the sea is calm and are no waves in sight,

I've put You behind, until there is darkness of night.

At this time I search for help from some one,

any one, just so, I am not alone.

As soon as the light of day comes around,

I again take control and go on my own.

How many times in life will I be lost and stray,

because, I really am too weak, to do it "YOUR Way."

You gave us Your only Son, to stand and die alone,

for our sins He was beat, as He cried and moaned.

He loves us all, even when we are wrong,

while we learn that our life on earth is not long.

I have seen many people stand and say,

" what I did , I did it my way."

I have followed this path that others will and do,

only to find the path I took, led me back to You.

Lord keep me strong and help me pray,

for the wisdom to live my life "YOUR Way."


In this world we feel pain and sorrow,

and through our understanding, there is no promise of tomorrow.

Let us not worry of what will happen today,

please give us courage through faith, to do it" YOUR Way. "



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