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 "Giving, Helping, Faith, Hope, Miracles, Love, Prayer, God, Inspiration, and more..."





This story is about fate and my part in being chosen to actively participate in the largest and most dangerous recovery projects in the history of the United States of America.


What an honor to be a part of a history that has covered more than fifty years, at least three governments and many deaths. I was personally asked to handle security for the man who was asked to handle this matter on behalf our government. While writing this, I still couldn't believe it was me. Now, I am able to tell you the story.


I was given a one billion dollar gift, for saving the life of a man who I hardly knew. I will tell you all the details as to why, who, when and where, later in this story. I will tell you before I ever received it, I gave it all away.    


The fact I was given such a gift was not the amazing part to me, it was secondary. The small part I played in this historical event was more important.  Though this book is sold as fiction, you will have to determine for yourself,  was it?





I helped a mother to find out the Truth of why her Son was imprisoned for one murder. She needed to find out what really happened.  I had no idea of what I was about to find out and what the real truth was. I did not know the dark secret between mother and son either, until it was almost too late.


Imagine a peaceful night of fishing at a Dam Reservoir where you and your family have vacationed for the last 18 years. On this particular night you’ve disappeared and the only evidence left is  not looking good.


This is where this story started for the Police. For Dennis Roe, it was a night of unimaginable fear and horror.   This was not the first time someone had been killed in this location.  This killer is suspected of killing throughout his travels,  both abroad and US, including people on the Colonial Parkway. He is one of Virginia’s most prolific serial killers.


Once we knew his code name, we knew who he was.   Find out how our fear of this killer's background saved mine and two Special Agent Detectives of the Virginia State Police. It kept us being killed in their office.


While in prison, the killer confessed to me with regard to the first murder he was suspected of.  Why he said,  "I was ordered to kill this person".   Fortunately or unfortunately, I was the only one he liked and trusted enough to talk to.  It took almost 9 years and many other killings to convict him of one murder. 


WARNING:  This killer scared the community during his time of being free.  It was very scary while investigating and writing this book.  Find out why, how and what happened, when his mother heard him confirm everything I told her. I had told her, he really was a serial killer. She wasn't surprised, but became very angry.  Find out why I told him, I wouldn't go to sleep without putting a bullet between his eyes first.




Through  Faith and my Covenant with God, Miracles and medical history have been made.


In 2002, while in Africa,  I was shaving in front of a mirror.  I shut his right eye, only to find I had no sight in my left eye.  After a few weeks I returned back home to the United States. I went to my doctor and told him of the situation.  After two prescriptions of antibiotics, another trip to Africa and many test later, a tumor was discovered..... Doctors first wanted to remove the eye.  Instead they decided to put a radioactive plaque on the eye to kill the tumor at Duke Medical Center in 2003. 


In 2004, my condition had deteriorated. Imagine yourself standing with your Doctor, waiting for the prognosis from a team of some of the worlds greatest oncologist.  They told me  the cancer has spread.  I have metastatic melanoma cancer and it has spread throughout in the lymph system, my lungs, liver and even in my brain. I was told I was  stage 4.  It was so bad Duke Medical couldn't even give me experimental chemotherapy.


For most people that would be the sound of devastation and unimaginable questions.

For me, it was one of the greatest miracle's I ever received.  I looked up and thanked the Lord.   I knew my immune system was working overtime. I knew and felt experimental chemotherapy would destroy any chances of me staying alive.  My Doctors confirmed my fears due to the severity and advancement of my cancer.

The doctor told me they would try to keep me comfortable until the end.

      I have changed my original book covers. Also, my pseudo name back to my real name.         

This has been done to fulfil my Covenant with God!




I was sent back to Duke Medical for what was called a Hail Mary pass.  Stage 4 melanoma cancer had spread throughout my body, including lungs, liver, lymph system and brain. I was told they were not even able to give me experimental chemotherapy. I looked up and said “Thank You Lord."  " Now, You and I can work this out together.”


I returned home sick, in pain and not able to get up. I knew God had protected me in some intense situations all over the world. His will always be done, and I was good with that.

As everyone else was preparing for my death, I knew I had to get out of bed and start working on my Covenant to God. Find out what I said, because I believed God had other plans for me.


Share my journey through some of my darkest and scariest hours in my 20 year struggle.  Through Faith, my love for the Lord and other’s praying for me, I have had Miracles and made medical history. 






My book of poetry is a compilation of Poems from several poets, who brought together over 30 years each of poetic talents, to Honor our Father in Heaven.  I would like to thank all of my fellow poets for their contributions and efforts in bringing together one of the most beautiful books of Poetry in the world.


This book has poets from other parts of the world sharing their love, faith and creativity in this book of Colors of Rhymes, some with the inspirations for why they were written.


It is my privilege to share these beautiful words for your comfort and meditation in just about all situations of our lives. Poetry and prayers are a way of expression. They come from the deepest reaches of our Souls and Hearts and they are written for reasons and special times in each of the specific poets life. 


Our lives on each day can be filled with different colors or emotions, which make our lives what they are.


To me personally this book is a completion of my Covenant with God.  After being told by Duke Medical that there was nothing they could do for me, and how they couldn't even give me experimental chemotherapy for my stage 4 cancer.  I was told they would try and keep me comfortable until I was gone.


I knew that like everything in life, we do not control death.  Nor, do the Doctors have all the answers as to why.  I am grateful to complete this promise.  I feel honored to share these stories and the Miracles God has blessed me with.  I was blessed to meet all the people I have met along my journey.  Some of them have not been as fortunate as I. They're now deceased, but I have shared their works in this book and their words will live on!



ERACISM 2021_edited.jpg



We are all from the same race. The human race, according to the Bible. We are many different beliefs, personalities, cultures, backgrounds and colors. We see things from many perspectives and cultural teachings. This was and is God's plan for US, to be in His image.


We are all beautiful and with the difference in backgrounds, giving us an opportunity to share with each other.  Instead of fighting and proclaiming things which just are not a part of God's plan, we should be trying harder to love and respect each other. 


David has been throughout the world including living in the different countries and cultures throughout his journeys.  He has never gone into a country foreign to him or his background, and tried to think he was better than the people of the country he visited.  He has seen many different lifestyles.  He has dined with strangers in countries where he could not even speak their languages, while laughing all night with them.


We need to share more Respect and Love for one another.  With this no government, groups or individuals will be able to separate the rest of US.  Always remember united we stand and divided we will fall.  We as one can make a difference in someone else's life. We together as American's can gain respect throughout the world, once we respect ourselves!


                     Through God's Holy Love


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