I knew this was a Miracle - A Blessing from God. Through my love and faith of God, His Holy Son, Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit, I have been allowed to share these story's.  My books share, "Faith, Miracles, Love, God, Prayer, Inspiration, Gold, Murders and Intrigue, Cancer, Death, Hope and more."


Through  Faith and a Covenant with God, Miracles and medical history have been made.


In 2002, while in Africa, David was shaving in front of a mirror when he shut his right eye only to find he had no sight in his left eye.  After returning back home to the United States, he went to his doctor and told him of the situation.  After two prescriptions of antibiotics and many test later a tumor was discovered..... They first wanted to remove the eye; instead they decided to put a radioactive plaque on the eye in 2003, to kill the tumor at Duke Medical Center. 


In 2004, imagine yourself with your Doctor waiting for a team of the world's greatest oncologist, and they tell you that the cancer has spread.  You have metastatic melanoma cancer in the lymph system, and it has spread throughout your lungs, liver and even in your brain. David was told he was in stage 4.  It was so bad Duke couldn't even give him any experimental chemotherapy.


For most people that would be the sound of devastation and unimaginable questions.  For David, it was one of the greatest miracle's he ever received.  He looked up and thanked the Lord.  




David was 48, in 2004, he was sent to Duke Medical for what was called a Hail Mary pass.  Stage 4, melanoma cancer had spread throughout his lungs, liver, lymph system and brain. He was told they were not even able to give him experimental chemotherapy. He looked up and said “Thank You, Lord; now, You and I can work this out together.”


He returned home sick, in pain and not able to get up. David knew God had protected him in some intense situations all over the world.

As everyone else was preparing for his death, David knew he had to get out of bed, and start working on his Covenant to God. Find out what he said, because he believed God had other plans for him.


Share his journey through some of his darkest and scariest hours, in his 20 year struggle.  Through his love for the Lord and other’s praying for him, David has had Miracles and made medical history. 


See how the faith of a mustard seed; opened doors, moved mountains, Miracles happened, and Gods’ promise is being fulfilled. God heard their prayer‘s.  David knew through faith, there is Hope.  AMEN!!!



Our book of poetry is a compilation of Poems from several poets, who brought together over 30 years of poetic works to honor Our Father in Heaven.  I would like to thank all of my fellow poets for their contributions and efforts on bringing together one of the most beautiful books of Poetry in the world.


We have poets from other parts of the world sharing their love and creativity in this book of Colors of Rhymes, along with the inspirations for why they were written.


It is my privilege to share these beautiful words for your comfort and guidance in just about all situations of our lives! Poems and prayers are a way of expression and sure from the deepest reaches of our Souls and Hearts.


They are designed to and written for reasons and special times, in each of the specific poets life.  Our lives' on each day can be filled with different colors or emotions, which make our lives' what they are.


To me personally this book is a completion of my Covenant with God, after being told by Duke Medical that there was nothing they could do for me, and how they couldn't even give me experimental chemotherapy for my stage 4 cancer.  I was told they would try and keep me comfortable until I was gone.


I knew that like everything in life, we do not control death, nor do the Doctors have all the answers as to why.  I am still here to complete this promise,  and I feel honored to share this story, and the Miracles God has blessed me with and all the people I have met along the way, in my journey.  Some have not been as fortunate as I have and are now deceased, but I have shared their works in this book of


I believe the most painful part of this book, are the friends  and poets I met along the journey, and knowing they will never see their works.  They are gone; however, their words will be with us forever...