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I am Author and Poet, David Keith Sumrell. My stories include; "Faith, Miracles, Love, God, Prayer, Inspiration, Gold, Murders, Intrigue, Cancer, Death and Hope."

I am David and a Christian man. Through my Faith I

became an author in a very unusual way.  I started writing poetry in 1990. 

I have helped many others write and helped them get their book(s) published. I

started writing in 2004, as Bradley Dallas North Publications. 


Now, before 2004, Bradley Dallas North never existed.  All six of my books

are true stories about David K. Sumrell.  I went through all of the

adventures, trials and tribulations, before and after learning I had cancer.

I never asked the Lord to save my life, but I made a Covenant to God.  This all happened 

after realizing the cancer that started in my eye, had spread throughout my body, lymph

system and brain.  I was terminal and sent home to die.


I took a pseudo name early on as Bradley Dallas North, because of the first two books I wrote. 

I was involved with many people who did not need their identities revealed.  I wasn't sure my books would ever be written.  I couldn't take a chance that if they were, I would bring harm to the real heroes I was

protecting, while working on these projects. 


As a Christian, I have always believed God is in control of my life.  I have been in many situations that I walked away without a scratch, where others did not. Although I always wanted to be a Doctor, I knew that wasn't for me and realized I could help people in other ways.

I never realized, God was forging me for the battle of my life.   I thank God everyday for the blessing's in my life!  The medical evidence is well documented, and after a thorough medical investigation, CBN's 700 Club aired my story on June 26, 2007. 


My books are meant to give Hope and Inspiration through God's love... how the Faith the size of a mustard seed can and will move mountains and Miracles happen everyday.  My books share Mystery and Intrigue.  God's plans might not always be the same as ours, but through our faith, His timing is always perfect!!!


God loves us all!  I pray, His will be done!


we are TARGETS for these animals and  they show you NO MERCY

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David keith Sumrell
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I am kneeling out of respect, for the military men and women who gave their all for our Country.  I am at the Vietnam Memorial Wall, 25 years after I was there.  One of my friends, a US Marine is one of the last two names on the wall.  I witnessed the explosion that killed the last two US Marines to die in country. Thanks to all who gave service to our country... and the one's who gave their all.

New Book in Progress
      Scheduled 2024

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I would like to personally Thank You for visiting my website.  My stories are shared through my website, inspirational talks and through my books.  Please, leave a comment about your experience on my website.  


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