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God has created another Miracle !!!

God has created another Miracle !!!

posted by David K. Sumrell on August 22nd, 2013 at 10:31 AM

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Our Faith can move Mountains!!!

I would like to say I'm sorry taking so long in writing this blog. The last time I wrote a blog was back in May, and at that time they were going to remove my eye. I had just returned from Duke medical center in May, when I posted the deterioration and the prognosis from my doctor, who is a professor of ophthalmology at Duke medical center. Earlier that month, I had gone to my primary care physician and the VA medical center in Hampton, Virginia. After she had examined my eye, she told me she was very concerned with the health of the eye and how it had deteriorated. She told me that she recommended having the eye removed and replaced with a prosthesis eye. She told me the blood vessels were growing through it and there was blood inside the eye. She was concerned about the pain level I had been experiencing. During that time I was really in pain, I had no idea why all the sudden I was in such a severe pain level I was going through. I sat one day with water just pouring out of my eyes and crying like a baby. This was on a Monday morning and later that day I had called my eye Dr. and left word of pain I was experiencing. She called me back when she got to her office and scheduled me an appointment for the following morning. In all the 10 years she had known me, she never heard me complain about being in pain. It just so happened after seeing her, I was scheduled see my Dr. M, at Duke medical center the following week. Dr. M, agreed with her diagnosis and recommended that the eye be removed immediately. I told him the only way I would consider having my eye removed, was that he would take it out himself. He told me he would be honored to do the surgery on me. The first thing I was going to have to do, according to Dr. M was get CT scans of my head, neck, chest and abdomen. He wanted to make sure that the cancer that was in my body was not active. I agreed and we tentatively set the schedule in July to have my eye removed. The reason we were going to wait was because, I told him how I was part of the Boy Scouts of America and about my son's and summer camp were in June. We agreed to wait until after summer camp, before proceeding with the removal of my eye. For me to agree to have surgery to have my eye removed, went against everything I felt. They had tried to remove my eye from the very beginning, after the tumor was discovered. At that time I went around the country talking to the best doctors in the world about my options that were available at the time. Everyone in Virginia and North Carolina said it was in my best interest to have eye taken out, to keep the cancer from spreading throughout my body. I did not believe this was the best option, so I went to Philadelphia, to the Will's eye center. I was told at that time not to let them take my eye, because they had a 20 year study, showing the mortality rate to be the same if I’d put a radioactive plaque on my eye. What that meant in English, with radioactive plaque they can kill the tumor inside the eye by attaching a radiation plaque to the back of the eyeball, pointed at the tumor. It had to remain and allowed to stay on for four days and nights. They told me that I would go blind in my eye within 18 months after the plaque was removed. I took this information back to the VA medical center in Hampton, Virginia, and with all the evidence I had to support my position, the VA medical center, and my Dr. agreed to send me to Duke medical center to have it done. I have managed to hold onto my eye for almost 11 years now, there have been many times over the years when I have had pain in the eye; however, not as debilitating as I had experienced in May 2013. I knew that I could not live with the pain that I was going through, when I agreed to Dr. M removing my eye in July. I was offered pain pills, and prescritions for eye drops to try and give me some relief from the pain until I underwent surgery. I was also given steroids for my eye and a suave to put on my eye at night. Throughout May and June,and during summer camp, I was in severe pain for several weeks. The more I thought about it, the more I was destined to believe that there was no other way, then for me to have my eye removed. This is where I would like to 'link' with you, the Faith of a mustard seed can and will move mountains. Throughout my whole life, God has blessed and protected me with His Miracle’s. With this understanding, you would think that I would have no doubt this world. The truth be told, I was very scared of having the surgery and knowing once I had the eye removed, there was nothing God could do for my eye. I was battling with this throughout summer camp, the closer we got to the end of it. After summer camp, I received a phone call from the Tidewater Council, asking me to go to jamboree, due to the shortage of adult leadership. I first had two problems with being able to go. The first the course, was the surgery coming up to remove my eye. The second was, I had not put away money to be able to afford the cost of the jamboree. The cost is $1200, for me to go. The second problem was taken care of by people in the Boy Scouts of America, who wanted me to go to the jamboree, because of my leadership qualifications and abilities. I was honored by this and I felt Gods' Presence!!! I also felt like it was my responsibility to take on this obligation. I knew this was going to throw off my schedule for having my eye removed if I went to jamboree, then I was not going to be able to have eye surgery until sometime in August. I contacted both my doctors and told them what was going on, while asking for their permission to be able to attend 2013 Boy Scouts of America, jamboree. I was given an okay to go only. All my doctors agreed to my situation and I went to jamboree. The surgery was scheduled to be August 14, 2013. I was going to have to be at Duke medical center on the 13th of August, to have a pre-surgery examination. The Boy Scout jamboree lasted nine days and when I got home, I went and had my CT scans done. My oncologist looked like a child in a candy shop, when he started telling me about my scans. He told me about the tumor in my chest and how it had not grown at all and how all the scans came back normal. He told me that even in my eye socket there was no evidence of any growth and the only thing they could detect was a slight change in the orbit. Due to his excitement, I was very excited and started having hope, again! Can you see why mustard seed can be used in my case, because as much as I love the Lord, I was scared and afraid... After seeing my oncologist, I got back in touch with my eye Dr. VA medical center in Hampton, Virginia to make an appointment with her, in the hopes that she would agree with me not to have my eye removed. My Dr. went over all the information,and then she told me she did not recommend me having my eye removed, until I could not stand the pain any longer. I told her I had not had any pain in my eye for almost a month and it had been that long since I put any medication in my eye for pain. She gave me her blessings along with praise’s on the miracle's in my life. I am sharing this story with you, with the hope that if anyone needs comfort through faith, this may help them. I want to thank everyone and anyone who has read this blog. I hope this story of miracles I have had, will help you to understand the love of God, for all of us. If I can be of any help to you, please feel free to use the contact author button, leave me a message and I will return a response as soon as possible.

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