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UPDATE on Enucleation!

UPDATE on Enucleation!

posted by David K. Sumrell on May 29th, 2013 at 8:42 AM

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FAITH in GOD and Trust in Doctors

Today is May 29, 2013, yesterday I went to Duke medical center to have the tumor in my left eye looked at by my doctor to see if it was growing. I was also there for another reason, as I shared with you in my last blog, I have been suffering severe pain in my eye for months. Last week, the pain got so bad that I cried like a baby, while the water just poured out of my eye like I had a spigot attached to it. The pain was so intense, it forced my eyes to close. This also affected the vision in my right eye, because I could not even open my right eye. My left eye has always been my dominant eye, and because of this and the level of pain I was experiencing, I knew I had to contact my doctor and seek medical help as quickly as possible. The next day I went to see my doctor and after a thorough examination, she told me that I was bleeding in my eye and that it had become very unhealthy. She then told me, her prognosis was to remove the eye, which would ultimately eliminate the pain due to the eyes condition. We talked about my scheduled appointment at Duke medical center, the next week and decided that we would find out what Dr. M thought about the condition of my eye. Dr. M, told me after reviewing the scans and see all the blood that was in my eye, told me that I needed to have the eye removed. He and I had discussed this years earlier, after he had seen things happen with my eye that he had never seen before. Shortly after, the radiation treatment to my eye, it turned colors and went from blue to green and then to brown over the course of a couple years. Amazingly, the next time I went to him my eye went back to its original color of blue. The doctors were amazed by this, because like they told me, they had never seen this happen before. My I stayed blue for almost 3 years and then started turning colors again, green, and then brown, with the blue around the edge. The reason for this was I had a +5 cataract on my eye because of post-surgery radiation damage. I was told I would be blind, after 18 months from the time I had the surgery and the radioactive plaque was put on the back of my eye. Not only did I go blind in the eye, but I developed glaucoma in the eye also. The doctors told me I had the worst case of glaucoma that I could have. I do not know what is caused all of the pain, or whether it is a combination of the entire trauma my eye has gone through over the past 10 years. I am very thankful to still be alive and well, after watching and knowing that so many die from the same disease. Dr. M, wanted to remove my eye in June; however I asked him if we could wait until July, because of summer camp. Both of my boys are in the Boy Scouts, and we look forward to getting together in the summer for week of camping, swimming, merit badge training and just having a good time after the long school year. This year is especially important, because we do not know was going to happen next year, due to the changes made in the BSA policy. My doctor agreed that we would wait until July, which would allow me to go to camp with my boys and add time to get new scans done through oncology, to make sure my cancer is an active at present. If it is, they will not be able remove my eye until they know what is going on. Dr. M also told me that if the pain gets too bad, we can remove the eye earlier if need be. I would like to reassure everyone, our God is in control of the destiny in our lives and before we ever knew or were made aware of any condition, disease or problems we may face; He already knows. This is why I say I put my faith in God, and my trust in the doctors. I do not put any faith in man, whether Dr., lawyer, garbage collector or child; faith is for God. I am not asking for your sympathy, only your prayers, if you feel compelled to do so. I hope you find my words to be strength and my faith unquestionable. Dr. M told me how 10 years ago, to remove the eye, may have had grave consequences at the time, due to the size of the tumor and how it metastasized throughout my body. He told me the difference between then and now, is that my eye was nonfunctioning and was not threatening my life, like before. He told me if there was any hope for saving the eye, because I still had vision in the eye, they would do everything possible to still keep it and not remove it. I know this is the best course of action, due to the pain I have experienced in my eye and that it is going to continue to get worse and not better. I want to thank you for reading my blog and all the comments I have received from people who are following my condition and what I am going through over the years. They God bless you and your loved ones as I have been blessed. If you would like to leave a comment, please feel free to do so, as I read everything and try to respond back to those who have left comments.

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