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GOD'S Love and Mercy


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Virginia Beach, Virginia 23456

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Hello Friends,

My name is Bradley Dallas North, I am a Christian Author/Poet, and I would like to take this time to introduce myself to you. I have just completed my fourth book called, ‘Returning From God’s Light Of Hope.’ Released into bookstores on March 4, 2014, by Tate Publishing.

It is about David, who was 48, in 2004, when he was sent to Duke Medical, for what was called a Hail Mary pass. He was a stage 4, melanoma cancer patient, and it had spread throughout his lungs, organs, lymph system and brain. He was told they were not even able to give him experimental chemotherapy. He looked up and said “Thank You, Lord!!! Now You and I can work this out together.”

He returned home sick, in pain and not able to get up. David knew God had protected him in some pretty intense situations all over the world. As everyone else was preparing for his death, David knew he had to get out of bed, because he believed God had other plans for him.

Share his journey through some of his darkest and scariest hours, in his 20 year struggle, as he was being prepared for the fight of his life. See how his faith was forged through trials and tribulations, earlier in his life and how he was stripped of everything, except his dignity and Gods’ promise.

Through his love for the Lord and other’s praying for him, David has had Miracles and made medical history. Learn about his Covenant with God. See how the faith of a mustard seed; opened doors, moved mountains, miracles happened and Gods’ promise was fulfilled. God heard their prayer‘s. David knew through faith, there is hope. The dark tunnels in his life were opened through Gods’ Light of Hope and through faith.

If you would like the opportunity for you or your congregation to hear about his Faith and his Covenant with God and/or the medical Miracle’s, God created. Then please contact us either by email or phone, both listed above.


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