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New Book Title Changed to Original Name

New Book Title Changed to Original Name

posted by David K. Sumrell on October 7th, 2013 at 8:09 AM

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I was 48, in 2004, and was sent to Duke Medical for what was called a Hail Mary pass. I was diagnosed as a stage 4, melanoma cancer patient. It had spread throughout my lungs, organs, lymph system and brain. I was told by the doctor's there was nothing they could do for me; they were not even able to give me experimental chemotherapy. I looked up and said “Thank You, Lord; now You and I can work this out together.” The doctor looked at me as if the cancer was already eating my brain. I returned home sick, in pain and not able to get up. I knew God had protected him in some pretty intense situations all over the world. As everyone else was preparing for my death, I knew I had to get out of bed and start to working on my Covenant to God. I believed God had other plans so I made a Covenant on the way back from Duke that I would write three books in His honor if it was His will. This fourth book will share my journey through some of my darkest and scariest hours, in my 20 year struggle to regain my name and then my battle with cancer. See how my faith was forged through trials and tribulations, earlier in my life and how I was stripped of everything, except Gods’ promise. It took me five years to write, but learn how I knew that God was ready to bring my 21 year old son David home. I have always known God’s timing is always perfect and His will be done. Through my love for our Lord and other’s praying for me I have had Miracles and made medical history. My book shares my Covenant with God and see how the faith of a mustard seed; opened doors, moved mountains, Miracles happened and Gods’ promise was fulfilled. God heard their prayer‘s and I knew through faith, there is hope. The dark tunnels in my life were opened through God's’ Light of Hope and through faith. I originally named my Book the name in this blog title and later started to change it. I realized my error and made the corrections necessary for this book to share God's' Light of Hope with others.

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he reason for her having this lesion removed was because of my history with melanoma. I know God is in charge and anything that happens will be just another part of His plan in my life. I am so thankful to the fine medical care I have received from the VA Medical. They too are a part

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